September 24-25, 2010
Furman University

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“Teaching Sustainability in Asian Religious Traditions”

Friday, September 24

2:45 Registration (McEachern Lecture Room)

3:30 Lecture and Discussion (McEachern Lecture Room)

Dr. James Miller: “Creating a Culture of Sustainability: Problems and Prospects for Chinese Religions.”

Dr. James Miller is Associate Professor of Chinese Religions at Queen’s School of Religion, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He is known principally as a scholar of Daoism, also known as Taoism, the organized, indigenous religion of China. His Sinological work has involved translating and interpreting texts from the medieval Chinese religious movement known as the Way of Highest Clarity. More broadly, James Miller studies the way religions construct images of nature and influence values and behavior towards nature and environment. His current research engages the way that Daoism is being constructed as a “green religion” in China and abroad. While maintaining a critical scholarly attitude towards this topic, he argues that religious values can play an important role in mobilizing a broad cultural engagement with environmental issues. He is broadly sympathetic to the idea of encouraging religious movements to tackle climate change. He is the editor of the Daoism and Ecology volume for the series on World Religions and Ecology, published by Harvard University Press.

4:40 Adjourn

5:00 Welcome and Reception (Shi Center for Sustainability)

6:00 Dinner (Garden Room at Daniel Chapel)

7:30 Film and Discussion (McEachern Lecture Room)

     Film: “Yellow Earth”
     Discussion Leader: Dr. Harry Kuoshu, Furman University

Dr. Harry Kuoshu is Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literature at Furman University. Before coming to Furman in 2005, he taught at Reed College in Portland, Oregon and Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. At Furman he teaches courses on Chinese literature and film. He is the author of Celluloid China: Cinematic Encounters with Culture and Society (2002) published by Southern Illinois University Press; “Urbanism of the Post-Mao Chinese Cinema, 29-50, in the Southeast Review of Asian Studies; “Shanghai Baby, Chinese Xiaozi and Pirated Lifestyles in the Age of Globalization,” 85-100, in Concentric, as well as numerous other articles and reviews. His book Metro Movies: Cinematic Urbanism in Post-Mao China is forthcoming the University of Southern Illinois Press.

Saturday, September 25

8:15-9:15 SASASAAS Committee Meetings

9:30 Video/Lecture and Pedagogy Presentation (McEachern Lecture Room)

      “Hei-Sei-Ji (The Place of Peace’) and Sustainability at Furman”
      Dr. David Shaner, Furman University

David Shaner is the Gordon Poteat Professor of Philosophy and Asian Studies at Furman University. He teaches courses in Indian, Chinese, and Japanese philosophy as well as the Philosophy of Science. His course PHL 220 Realizing Bodymind: Whole Person Development, is among the most popular at Furman. Students are introduced to the martial art of Ki-Aikido Ki meditation, and Ki Breathing that promote the experience of connection and bodymind unity. Dr. Shaner is the author of the Bodymind Experience in Japanese Buddhism: A Phenomenological Perspective of Dogen and Kukai (1985), published by SUNY Press; co-author with Shigenori Nagatomo and YUASA Yasuo Science and Comparative Philosophy: Introducing Yuasa Yasuo (1990), published by Leiden Press, Netherlands. Dr. Shaner is also the founding editor of the SUNY book series Philosophy and Biology, which since 1988 has released 37 volumes. This fall his first trade book will be published by Sterling Publishing, New York, NY. The Seven Arts of Change: Leading Business Transformation That Lasts chronicles the Seven Arts change process Dr. Shaner has used for the last 24 years as a successful business consultant facilitating lasting change with well known multi-national companies such as Umbro, Frito-Lay, Duracell, Gillette, Ryobi, Owens Corning Composites and many others.

10: 30 Visit to the “Place of Peace”

11:30 SASASAAS Board Meeting (Seminar Room at Shi Center)

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