General Information

Background and Purpose

SASASAAS is the Southern Atlantic Association for Asian and African Studies, a 21-member consortium that was established in 1971 by institutions in the southeastern United States to stimulate and enhance the study of Asia and Africa.  The consortium supports faculty teaching and research through annual seminars, travel abroad opportunities, mini grants for international activities on member campuses, and an extensive audiovisual library.  SASASAAS also helps provide study abroad opportunities in various Asian and African countries.

Organizational Structure

The Secretariat of SASASAAS rotates among member institutions every three years; the Executive Director from that college or university provides overall leadership and manages day-to-day operations.  Each institution pays an annual membership fee of $250 and appoints one of its faculty members as a representative to the Board of Directors, which meets once a year to determine the Association's policies.  While each institution has only one official representative on the Board,  SASASAAS encourages other interested faculty to attend meetings, serve on committees, and participate in consortium activities.  In addition to the Board, SASASAAS administers its various programs and resources through the Faculty Development Committee and Long-Range Planning.


Faculty Development Committee

In an effort to provide ongoing enrichment, this committee plans and sponsors a faculty development seminar at each fall meeting. Topics of recent programs have included religion and politics in South Asia, the politics of human rights in Africa, the political and cultural history of Korea, the film and literature of today's Vietnam, and environmental degradation in China. One- or two-day seminars featuring keynote speakers, short readings and/or panel discussions provide the most up-to-date information and include practical demonstrations of successful teaching strategies. Seminars are open to faculty all member institutions. The host institution may invite local participants, including pre-collegiate teachers, for whom continuing education credits may be arranged when appropriate. Efforts are made by host institutions to invite the faculty and students of their campus to participate.

Long-Range Planning Committee

This committee, which includes former executive directors of the Association, works with the current director to ensure compliance with the by-laws, monitor financial reports, and assure the smooth transition of the Secretariat from one institution to another.  In addition, the committee reviews the organization's structure, suggests new directions or programs, and makes recommendations concerning membership in SASASAAS.

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